Artist Bio

Jeri_GriffithJeri Griffith now lives and works in Brattleboro, Vermont, after stints in Boston and Austin, Texas,  but her childhood was spent in Wisconsin. These disparate places each feel like separate countries to her, with landscapes, seasons, and ways of being that influence both her art and her identity. Jeri creates images on canvas and on paper that represent her worldview and her sense of the spiritual. Painting is her greatest love, but drawing is a specialty. She also uses her imagery to create videos. For inspiration, she draws on her training in life drawing as well as her love for ancient and indigenous art. She has traveled extensively, especially in Central and South America. She is a published writer and an amateur musician who loves improvising at the piano.

Recent painting projects:

  • 50  (30″ x 30″) paintings
  • Offerings, Blessings, and Prophecies—10 (30″ x 40″) paintings that explore transformation
  • Regions of Identity—12 (3′ x 5′) paintings about the various aspects of a person’s spiritual odyssey

Recent video projects:

  • Three Stories—Three short stories in images and text about three people coming to terms with the existential nature of their lives
  • Family Saga—drawings and words that compress the life of a family across multiple generations in a 12-minute video
  • Odyssey—24 paintings that represent a modern retelling of the Greek epic in a video that features poetry by modern Greek poet George Seferis