In Black and White

The Price of Knowledge


Over a decade in the making, the more than 150 drawings of In Black and White were chosen from nearly 1000 drawings I made after our move to the Boston area in 1998. The process was intuitive. Abandoning the concerns of my art school education, I allowed myself to draw without preconception. 



The Promise of Children



Only later did I see that the drawings weren’t made in a vacuum, but instead reflected my growing dialogue with the world. We are trained to see the world “in black or white.” Most often Images in black and white are used as propaganda, singular simple ideas meant to move groups of people, which is the exact opposite of what my drawings are about!


Cancer Cells from In Black and White

Cancer Cells



For more information about this series, view the videos linked below.

Link for a video introduction to In Black and White (6:13)

Link for a video commentary on the drawing entitled “Angel in the City” from In Black and White (3:30)



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