Examples of some magazines where Jeri Griffith's published writings can be found.

Magazines with Jeri Griffith’s writings

Jeri Griffith has been publishing her nonfiction and fiction in literary magazines since the mid-nineties. A selected list of her published work is below with links to work online where available:

Works online:


Cyprus: A Painter’s Journal,” Adelaide 6, no. 46 [March 2021]

In the Waters,” Still Point Arts Quarterly, no. 41 [Spring 2021]

Encountering Iron,” The Brooklyn Review, no. 36 [2021]

Could It Happen Here?The Commons, no. 572 [July 29, 2020]

Logos,” Aquifer: The Florida Review Online [2020]

Virginity,” The San Antonio Review, no. 2 [Winter 2019]

Life Drawing,” Green Briar Review 7, no.1 [Winter 2020]

Night Ride,” Sky Island Journal, no. 10 [Fall 2019]

Experience,” Sky Island Journal, no. 9 [Summer 2019]

Remembering Ethel,” Hunger Mountain, honorable mention in the 2017 creative nonfiction contest and posted to the website in Summer 2017

Short Stories

Grandmother,” Quarterly West, no. 101 [Winter 2017]


Works in print (not available online):


“Snow Canyon,” Epoch (Scotland) (forthcoming)

“Snapshot: 1981,” Northern New England Review 41 [2021]

“Menus 2006,” Sonder (Ireland), no. 5 [Autumn 2021]

“Islands,” Ponder Review 4, no. 1 [Spring 2020]

“Prairie Requiem,” The Antigonish Review, no. 194 [Summer 2018]

“Delos,” awarded $1,000 prize by the Indiana Writers Organization [Spring 2004]

“Crossing the Great Plains,” Flyway [Spring 2004] (winner of the annual essay award) 

“Breathing In and Out,” Pike Creek Review [Fall 1997]

“Arrival in Paraguay,” Onion River Review [Fall 1996] 

“Picasso and the Haunted House,” Flyway [Winter 1995] 

“Lena’s World,” Iowa Woman [Summer 1995] (winner of the ninth international essay contest) 

“Lost Mine Trail: A Meditation,” Borderlands Texas Poetry Review [Fall/Winter 1994]  

image of a journal on Jeri Griffith's desk