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Painting from Jeri Griffith series of works responding to Homer's Odyssey

Telemachus and Penelope, from Odyssey







Video (5:00) Introduction to Jeri’s Odyssey, a 28-painting series in response to Homer’s Odyssey.

In Black and White





Video (6:13) “In Black and White”–A short video on the series of 150 drawings entitled “In Black and White.”






Video (4:32): Living

Video (3:55): On the Impetus for “Living — A repeated theme in Jeri’s work is the question of what it means to be a human being. In this video, Jeri speaks about the challenge of answering that question in the face of the sheer numbers of humans in our urban life, but it’s a celebration of our life force as well.

image entitled "Birth






Video (4:07): Birth

Video (3:23): On the Metaphor of Birth — In our experience of our lives, we are constantly being born. In this video, Jeri speaks about the two sides of this metaphor: the inward facing meditative state and the one of being thrust out, whether by internal or external pressure, into a new world and circumstances.