New Works

Forest Spirit

Forest Spirit — The Trees That Are Holding Up the World, 30″ x 61″

Forest Spirit — The Trees That Are Holding Up The World. Recently, we’ve learned that trees can communicate with one another and share crucial environmental information. The spirit and way of the forest is to present as a fabric a single whole with all in relationship. This diptych, acrylic on canvas, is 61″ wide by 30″ tall. (3/2022)

Gathering of Souls, 72″ x 50″

A Gathering of Souls This is a large piece for me, 72” wide by 50” tall. It’s done with ink, graphite, and collage papers on foam core. For me, it’s a picture of life, of people moving in and out of one another, more connected than separate, living in and through each other. (12/12/21)

White Birds, 30″ x 40″, collage

White Birds I was working on this piece over Christmas while listening to Christmas music. It has a feeling of joy to me and of a rich environment latent with possibilities. Ink, watercolor papers, and graphite. (12/29/21)

One-Winged Angel, 30″ x 30″

One-Winged Angel In 1905 Paul Klee made an etching of a man with one wing. In the tragicomedy of the character’s attempts to fly with one wing, he has broken all of his other limbs. His face conveys frustration and anger. My one-winged man/angel has a different mood completely. (11/20/21)

Life on Earth, 30″ x 30″

Life on Earth I call this work “Life on Earth” and I think of it as being about my childhood. I grew up in nature, specifically in south-central Wisconsin on the Rock River and the Horicon Marsh Wildlife Refuge. I was interested in everything about nature—birds, animals, trees, fish, and even microscopic organisms. Sometimes I felt I had more in common with creatures than I did with other children. I’ve tried to express my feelings about that place and time in this image. (11/13/21)

Chair, 30″ x 40″

Chair a painting with a long history. When we were in our thirties, we experienced the deaths of three young people who were dear to us. At that time, without thinking much about it, I began to put empty chairs into some of my paintings. The chairs show that those we have lost are still with us in some way and that we have an on-going place for them in our lives. This chair, I think, has presence and energy. It’s almost like a person. (11/6/21)

Dream, 30″ x 30″

Dream In creating this work, I was thinking about the restorative qualities of sleep and gifts that come out of the darkness unbidden and unexpected. (10/24/21)

For more information about this work, send questions to Jeri via her contact page.