Odysseus Drowning

Penelope Waiting










Homer’s Odyssey is one of the seminal texts of my life. I regularly return to it for sustenance and believe that my own evolving understanding of the poem can be seen as a marker of my own journey, as our response is to any great work of art we live with. This series of twenty-six paintings, based on Homer’s Odyssey, is about opposites—about the link between faraway places and home—about the connection between a man and a woman—about the relationship between those who travel and those who remain rooted. The images are not illustrations of the text. Rather, they are my responses to this epic poem that has meant so much to my life.

Link for a short video introduction to the series, which can be used in an exhibition.

Title: Odyssey
Number of paintings: 26
Media: Acrylic on canvas
Painting size: Various

Painting from Jeri Griffith series of works responding to Homer's Odyssey

Telemachus and Penelope

The Suitors










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