These four of eight 30″ x 30″ acrylics on canvas are part of a larger group of fifty canvases completed between 2013 and 2016. As the subjects emerged, I realized that a group of paintings coalesced around the theme of our crucial, yet tenuous, relationship with nature. The situation is dire, yet the images still offer some hope in our openness to our experience of the natural world.

Global Warming

 Global Warming—Silhouetted against a wall of fire and destruction, the human being seems to make an attempt at saving two small birds . . . but they are all in the same predicament.


Painting by Jeri Griffith


Heartbeat—In darkness beneath the canopy of the green forest . . . the title refers to the heartbeat of the forest, the heartbeat of the living world.
The Forest by Jeri Griffith

The Forest

The Forest—Awestruck beneath a canopy of leaves, the man peers upward from his dark and circumscribed square in an effort to perceives nature, an irreducible and incredibly rich world.
Painting by Jeri Griffith


Interior— The “interior” of this painting refers not only to a room interior, but also to the interior of our lives, where we are out of balance. In this painting, a crow instructs a nude male. One can only imagine what the crow would be saying! 
Title: Global Warming
Eight paintings
Image size: 30″ x 30″
 For questions about exhibiting Global Warming, send a note to Jeri via the contact page.