This series of twenty paintings entitled Living is a reflection on the rhythms of modern life. While traveling in Singapore, I was awed by the mass of people who every day moved about the city on the subway. In the stations, multistory escalators seemed to soundlessly deliver an endless flow of humans. There is a tension between the individual and the anonymous crowd.

Living, 14″ x 22″

There’s a sense of the billboard in Living. The images could even be presented in a format like that—projected onto a wall as signage. As signage, these images become even more enigmatic, their meanings uncertain and temporary. There’s the feeling of buying in and buying out. The use of collage—newspapers, stock quotes, and horoscopes—emphasizes the fluidity of what is happening.

Astrological Forecast, 14″ x 22″

This is the modern world, the present and future for most of the world’s population. And yet, while the anonymous figures might feel oppressive, a mysterious human element permeates it all, and the capacity for feeling, desire, motivation, impetus, and movement seems always to be arising from the center of our lives.

A heartfelt ache, 14″ x 22″

Link to a short video introduction to Living.

Link to a video presentation of Living that could be incorporated into any exhibition.

Title: Living
20 images
Media: Ink, watercolor, collage papers
Paper: Blick Fabriano
Size: 14″ x 22″

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